Arriving to the festival area

The Häme Medieval Festival takes place in the castle park and Linnaniemi area of Hämeenlinna. You can reach the festival area though the gate located in the crossroad between Niittykatu and Kusta III:n katu. There is no entry to the festival area through the north side.

To avoid queuing for tickets we recommend purchasing a ticket in advance from Tiketti. A ticket bought in advance is cheaper. You can find the ticket booth and ticket info from the right side of the festival gate.

You can see the festival area’s map further below on the page.

Arrival via public transport

Bus schedules to Hämeenlinna can be checked from Matkahuolto’s page.

The bus schedules within Hämeenlinna can be checked from Reittiopas.

Train schedules can be found on VR:s web page.

The bus and railway station are within walking distance from the festival ground.

The bus transports within Hämeenlinna are sparse, but luckily the distances are short. From the bus station the distance to the festival area is approximately 900 meters through Linnankatu. The distance from the railway station is approximately 1500 meters across a stunning lakeside road.

Festival bus from the railway station

There is a free transport from the railway station to the festival area. The bus is going non-stop around every 20 minutes between the raiway station and Niittykatu on Saturday and Sunday. Bus starts its operations on 9:30AM and the final trip will be at 6:30PM on Saturday and 5:30PM on Sunday.

Arriving via car

Keep in mind that there are very few parking spaces on the historic site. We recommend leaving your car either to Pööli, in front of Vanainkatu 1, or Kaivoparkki, in front of Kaivokatu 13, approximately 800 meters way from the main gate. The closest parking spaces can be found in Hämeenlinna’s city center.

The parking spaces situated next to Linnapuisto are in use during the event, and there is no parking for visitors.

You can find different parking halls and areas on Hämeenlinna city’s web site.

Park cheaply in Pööli!

During the festival on August 16th to 18th it will only cost a maximum of 7€ per day to park in Pööli, when parking with theMoovyapp. (Other payment options cost the normal amount.) Pööli is located near the Hämeenlinna railway station (at the address Vanainkatu 1), and you can walk to the festival grounds from there. Read more about Moovy:

Parking for cars with the permit for disability spaces

There are several parking spaces prepared in Lasikulma (in the address Kasarmikatu 23) for cars with the right to park in disability spaces. It is permitted separately in spaces marked for the Häme Medieval Festival.

Map of the Medieval Festival

The map for 2024 will be updated on the site soon!

Arriving to the festival grounds happens through the main gate from Niittykatu. Immediately after entering you will find the info desk, the costume rental store and the medieval store.

The area has plenty of Bajamaja restrooms, including for disabled people. Blue water drops mark watering spots where you can fill your bottles.