Castle park

Historical festival atmosphere

The festival area is located in Hämeenlinna’s castle park, on the shore of Vanajavesi and next to the historical Häme castle. The castle park is near the city center only a kilometer away from the railway station and the city marketplace. The festival area has been built as an authentic medieval village, with various merchants and artisans with medieval goods lined up in its streets. The park areas are also filled with historical campsites where you get to witness a slice of medieval life.

As you step into the festival area, you will enter a cobblestone street and the old castle’s park. In the area you may hear the merchants’ pitching their wares or smell their scents and smokes. As you travel through the area you may find anything from nobles to beggars.

The park area also contains the tavern with its stage and caterings, the war horse camp and its tournaments, Pakanametsä where you get to experience medieval magic, the childrens village with medieval games and much more.