Dressing up at the festival

Come as you are or rent a costume

You can take part in the festival just as you are. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the era of clothing. The outfit can be your own clothes, for example fantasy or whatever you want. If everyday life is boring and you want to raise your festival mood, you can rent a costume or even buy your own! Our costume rental shop has plenty of different accessories if you don’t want a complete outfit. At first, you can affordably rent headgear, etc. accessories for yourself or the children to enjoy the festival day. We know from experience that by dressing in the spirit of the times, you are part of the festival vibe. Many people are surprised by how many visitors have costumes at the event.

You can find a suitable outfit in the medieval store

New this summer, we have a medieval store. The store and costume rental office can be found in the tent at the entrance to the festival area. Come check out the costumes so you can more easily decide whether to rent or buy an outfit.

Visit the Keskiaikapuoti site in advance to admire costumes for men, women and children. We have plenty of accessories and other products related to the Middle Ages.

We recommend getting a costume in advance, for example at the same time with the ticket purchase, because the suit rental company is popular and we cannot guarantee all costume models on the event days.