Dressing up for the festival

Come as yourself or rent a costume

You can take part in the festival just as you are. Everyone is welcome, regardless of the era of clothing. Your costume can be your own clothes, an outfit from an age you like or anything else you want it to be.

If your everyday life feels boring and you want to raise the festival mood, you can rent a costume or even buy your own! Our costume rental store has plenty of different sets if you don’t want a complete outfit. For a start you may affordably rent headgear or other smaller accessories for you or your children to liven up the the festival day.

We know from experience that dressing up will make you feel the spirit of the festival even stronger. Many are often surprised at how many visitors are in costume.

From our rental store you will rent some festival spirit alongside the costume.

The costume rental store near the entrance to the festival grounds has hundreds of stunning clothing options where you can find the perfect outfit for your needs. And if you’re not sure what you’re looking for, our skilled staff will gladly help you in your search.

But the number of costumes is limited, so we recommend reserving an outfit in advance from Tiketti’s online store. That way you get to pick up your costume right away on the festival day, and you’ll make sure you’ll have a thematically appropriate costume. It is also cheaper if you reserve your costume in advance.

Themes of rental costumes:

Nobles and special costumes 40€ per customer

Merchant, peasant and viking 25€ per customer

Beggars 20€ per customer

You can find a suitable outfit in the medieval store

If you don’t want to rent a costume, you can also buy your own medieval outfits from the Keskiaikapuoti, located next to the rental shop.

Visit the Keskiaikapuoti site in advance to admire costumes for men, women and children. We have plenty of costumes and other medieval goods.