Come and experience the Middle Ages
in Hämeenlinna

Forget everyday life and throw yourself into the Middle Ages!

We thank all the festival visitors! We would also like to thank the vendors, historical campers, partners as well as all the performers that helped us make this years event become reality! During the weekend we had 28 200 visitors enjoying the medieval feeling with us.

The Häme Medieval Festival is a magical and unique historical event

We are the only medieval festival in Finland that has been a history-themed event for 25 years.

One tip to get you started! Allow plenty of time to visit the festival, as there are things to see and experience in the festival area for the whole day. We guarantee this weekend will be one of the best.

The most anticipated weekend of the summer!

Live and enjoy history

Everyone is welcome to us – friends, families, groups, colleagues, enthusiasts and any guests who love festivals.

The entrance ticket price includes more activities than you can imagine. Amongst the crowd, you will meet entertainers, troubadours or bump into acrobats. Historic camps are part of your fascinating experience. You can follow the show produced by the campers and for a moment be a part of the fantasy yourself.

A stunning war horse camp is built in the Castle Park, the Vikings fight in a fencing tournament, you watch a fierce buhurt battle in the tournament. There is fun and play in the children’s village, as well as cute farm animals that everyone loves to pet.

Domestic and international orchestras take the stage throughout the day. As the evening falls, the mood livens up even more and the reveling reaches new heights on the Tavern yard, intoxicated by music and dancing.

If this is not enough, on Friday and Saturday you can get even more climax to your visit with separate tickets to the Tournament Arena or fantastic banquets.

Why participate?

Immerse yourself in the Middle Ages and history


Enjoy historical experiences and excellent shopping finds in the merchant alleys


Have a memorable day for the whole family


You can shoot amazing photos


Get excited about the battle of the Vikings and the breathtaking tournaments of the knights


Let your night culminate in the Tavern with over a thousand guests as the crowd becomes enthusiastic and their dance shakes the ground and tankards are filled to the brim well into the night

which day will you pick?

Thursday 17 August

On Thursday evening theres a preparty – free of charge! The tavern courtyard opens and the first artists take the stage. On the way to tavern courtyard, you can take a peek behind the scenes of the festival being built. This evening is reserved for fun, amusement and dancing.

Friday 18 August

Friday is the best day for shopping. Many merchants have small batches of handmade, unique products that sell out quickly. If you’re looking for something special, it’s worth coming already on Friday, when you can still shop in peace.
Friday is great for groups. Come to the festival in the afternoon and then relax in the Tavern yard for the evening. For this, a separate Friday group ticket is on sale. The valley of lanterns lights up at nine in the evening, just like on Saturday.

Saturday 19 August

Saturday is the festival super day. On Saturday, people throng the festival alleys and move towards the Tavern yard with a fun evening in mind. If you love a frenetic festival atmosphere, this is your day. Like on Friday, Saturday also has a separate ticket that lets you enjoy the fire show and tournament events in the arena.

Sunday 20 August

Sunday is the best day for families with children. The little ones can easily admire Metsänpeito’s fantasy group and hear stories from the Middle Ages. For those looking for excitement, there are in buhurt matches and fencing that you can watch and a war horse camp. Sunday is a picnic day meant for the whole family in Caste Park near Children’s village, where you can pet cute domestic animals and try fighting with soft buffer swords.

Come as you are or rent a costume

Dressing up is part of the experience. Now is the opportunity to jump into the role and have an adventure in the medieval atmosphere dressed as a princess, knight or monk.

Rent or buy a costume and become one with history.
Of course, if you feel more comfortable in your own clothes, that doesn’t stop you from having fun in the festival atmosphere.

Bring your whole family to a day in the Middle Ages

The festival area includes street theater, witches, wizards and fantastic characters that bring the little ones joy. At the petting zoo, animals of all kinds will delight the whole family. Little visitors will find entertainment in the Children’s village, where they can find games in the spirit of the times.

A picnic on the outskirts of the Viking village or a lunch in the Tavern is part of the experience. The best family day of the summer is celebrated in the Middle Ages!