Frequently Asked Questions



Are there bathrooms in the area?

There are plenty of Bajamaja toilets all over the festival area. All of the sanitary facilities have been marked on the area map. The biggest sanitary facility is located at Tavernapiha.

Are there accessible toilets in the area?

There are three accessible Bajamaja toilets in the festival area. One is located next to Tavernapiha, another one near the big circus tent and the third one next to saunamaailma.

Are the walkways in the area accessible?

The festival area has cobble stone, grass and sand roads. But we have kept accessibility in mind when building and planning the festival area. We have placed ramps around the area, and tried to think of the roads from an accessibility perspective.

Is there a first aid station in the area?

Yes, the first aid tent is located next to the Sheriff’s tent, close to Tavernapiha.

Are pets allowed?

Pets are not allowed in the festival. There are a lot of people causing noise and traffic all over the area, so it is much safer for your pets to spend the evening at home.

But guide dogs on duty are allowed of course.

Can you exit the festival grounds?

We do not exchange the festival ticket for a wristband. Once a ticket has been checked in once, you can not use it to access the festival area twice. However if you absolutely must exit the area, it is possible to arrange something with the gate’s security.

Are there ATMs in the festival area?

There are no ATMs in the festival grounds. Even though we are in the middle ages, we recommend payment by card. Most of our merchants have card readers in their stalls. But we recommend preparing at least a small amount of cash. The nearest ATM is at the market place in the city center.

Tickets and ticket bundles

Where can I buy a ticket?

Tickets are bought from Tiketti’s online store. Tickets are cheaper if bought in advance. There are links to the online store on our website.

Can I buy tickets at the festival gate?

We recommend buying tickets in advance so you can enter the festival area faster. But you can buy tickets from the gate, for a slightly higher price. We recommend payment by card if you buy tickets at the gate. You can also pay with with cash or with culture vouchers.

What payment options does Tiketti have?

Tiketti accepts most payment options, such as online payments, credit cards, culture vouchers, Tiketti gift cards and more. You can read about the payment options on Tiketti’s webpage.

How can I buy a banquet ticket for me and my partner?

When buying a ticket to the festival, you can also choose tickets for additional services of the festival, such as the banquet and the tournament. Additional services such as the banquet ticket can not be bought without a festival ticket. Some of the additional services might already be sold out as the festival date approaches.

Tavernapiha and programs

Is Tavernapiha age restricted?

Kireen Kypärän Taveranpiha is available for all ages, and everyone gets to enjoy the tavern’s offerings. However we recommend that from 9PM onwards, any children under 14 do not enter Tavernapiha without a guardian. The banquet is for adults only.

Does the tavern have food and sima?

Yes, Tavernapiha has a varied selection of food vendors and breweries, so sima is on offer as well. The food and drink selection accomodates both children and adults of every taste.

What are the business hours for Tavernapiha?

Thursday the 15th This year the tavern is not open on thursday.
Friday 16th from 12PM to 1AM
Saturday 17th from 10AM to 1AM
Sunday 18th from 10AM to 5PM

Where can I see the program list for Tavernapiha stage?

You can find the program list for Tavernapiha’s stage from the menu at the top of the festival’s website. You can also see the program list on big posters across the festival grounds or in flyer handed out on the festival.

The nobles’ and vikings’ banquet

Are the banquets accessible?
The Häme castle is built on a hill with cobble stone roads. The banquet is held inside castle’s hold and cannon tower. Unfortunately it is impossible to access with a wheelchair.
How have allergies and special dietary requirements been taken into account?
Linnaravintola Kanresta is in charge of the banquet’s food. If you have allergies you need to contact the kitchen master. The food is delicious and medieval.
Are the banquets age restricted, and if they are, why?

The banquet is for adults only. Because of the programs held and the general atmosphere of the banquet, we have restricted it to anyone under 18 years old. The banquet also has a limited number of seats.

Fire show and the horse tournament

When are the fire show and horse tournament held?

The fire show and horse tournament are held on Friday and Satruday evenings at 9:15PM The show will take approximately 2 hours.

Are the fire shows and horse tournaments age restricted?

There is no official restriction but tournament might be too intense for children under 12 years old. But parents should know how much their children can handle.

What are the programs held at the fire show and the horse tournament?

As the name implies, the program features the fire show, music performances and the horse tournament performed by Rohan tallit.