Historical campsites

Follow a historical way of life on the camps.

There are several camps on the festival grounds, which are some of the event’s most interesting offerings. The accomodations will match the era accordingly on the medieval and viking camps. You can get acquainted with the campers and their lodgings while the festival is open. Once the general programs in the area have ended at 6PM, the campers retreat to their own comfort with campfires.


Medieval campsite

On this camp you may see glimpses of the medieval lifestyle. You can ask the campers about medieval customs and get familiar with authentic camplife with cooking, activities and entertainment.

Viking campsite

The viking campsite keeps growing every year. On the campsite you may see vikings’ activities, clothes, weapons and armors.


On the Metsänpeitto campsite you may see a different kind of medieval life. On the Metsänpeitto camp you are allowed to diverge from the medieval theme and instead throw yourself into the world of legends, fairytales and fables. For example this camp houses anything from roleplayers to those visitors who are interested in shamanism and ancient religions.