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The Medieval Festival is a unique, magical and comprehensive historical event, where merchants reach as many potential buyers as possible. We have been hosting a history themed market for over 25 years.

The festivalgoers love history and want to buy products themed around it. Many merchants ran out of stock last year. Here you can present your products: surprise, inspire and do business.

Are you interested in selling your wares? Contact us at the market team and send us your carrier pigeon at [email protected] or call us at +358 40 355 8558

Send us an application to become a merchant and ensure your sales.

Come join the most important medieval event of the year. Register as a merchant and secure your sales at the medieval festival. We’ll help you to be as successful as possible.

The merchants will be prioritised in the order they sent their applications.

You can see the medieval theme everywhere around the festival: the clothing, the tents, the stalls and the products sold. And of course the merchants will dress appropriately too.

In addition to medieval and viking-themed merchants, we have the artisans’s area, as well as Pakanametsä, where exceptions to the medieval theme are allowed.

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All products sold at the medieval festival must be appropriate for the spirit of the Middle Ages, such as handicrafts, art, natural products and foodstuffs.

The organizer has the right to reject merchants who do not fit the theme of the event, and also limit the number of products on sale if they are not according to the term of participation.

There was no plastic in the Middle Ages, therefore it is not appropriate to sell plastic products at the festival. When packaging your products, we recommend using, for example, paper bags or cardboard. The prohibition does not apply to food sold in its original packaging however.

Services for merchants

We want to take good care of our merchants by offering services to help with the busy trading.

As the organizer of the festival, we have a large costume shop, where you can rent outfits for the whole weekend.

It is possible for merchants to order the breakfast, lunch and sauna in advance.


Sales booth construction time:

  • Wednesday August 14th from 3PM to 9PM
  • Thursday August 15th from 9AM to 9PM
  • Friday August 16th from 7AM to 11AM

Festival business hours:

  • Friday August 16th from 12PM to 6PM. The merchants at the tavern will continue until 1AM.
  • Saturday August 17th from 10AM to 6PM. The merchants at the tavern will continue until 1AM
  • Sunday August 18th from 10AM to 5PM

The market’s business hours:

  • Friday August 16th 12PM to 8PM
  • Saturday August 17th 10AM to 8PM
  • Sunday August 18th from 10AM to 5PM

Maintenance hours on festival days:

  • Friday August 16th From 7AM to 11AM
  • Saturday August 17th From 7AM to 9AM
  • Sunday August 18th From 7AM to 9AM

Festival closing time:

  • Sunday August 18th From 6PM to 10PM

Let’s make this festival the best market event of the summer!