The modern camp

Spend the night in a historical setting!

Are you planning to spend more than one day at the festival? What would be better than spending the night next to a medieval castle? In the modern camp you can use a tent from this or the previous century. To use use the modern camp you need a ticket for the camp, which acts as a 3 day ticket for the festival and allows you to spend the night in the area. You need your own spot on the campsite for your group.

The modern camp’s ticket also permits you to use washing facilities of saunamaailma. If you want to buy breakfast or sauna tickets in addition to the modern camp’s ticket, you may buy them from the info desk. As the festival approaches you will receive an email for detailed info on arriving on the site and how the campsite is arranged .

Set up a camp at the Häme Medieval Festival. Your historical experience will feel the most authentic when you are camping with hundreds of other festivalgoers. Making fire in the modern camp is prohibited.

Contact [email protected] for more detailed information on camping.

You can purchase tickets and camping spots for the modern campsite from Tiketti’s online store.